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About Raise Em Up Records

The new label will focus on work with an artist from various genres to produce and release cutting-edge new music and introduce the world to extraordinary talent. Raise Em Up Records will provide a platform for new and  innovative music and release several soundtracks in conjunction with Composers Media Group.


The label will utilize a range of specialist and support functions for physical and digital sales, distribution, marketing and promotions. The label will provide B2B services such as talent booking and brand partnerships.

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Larry B. Bachman

Executive Music Producer

Larry B. Bachman, A.K.A. LB has made his mark on the music scene since 1962. As former member of many bands including Haji, The Newz, J. Miles and The Results, he has performed all over the United States. Roles included Bass Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer and Producer. Additional recordings consist of Somersalt band in Los Angeles, CA and Telepath band at New York City's finest: The Record Plant, produced by Rod O'brien Production Engineer of Aerosmith. Bachman's recent production, "The Promise", soundtrack from the Motion Picture " The Sparrows" is breaking grounds.Tell people more about the classes


Kenneth Hamptom


Kenneth Hampton is the Founder, CEO and Composer of C.M.G. (Composers Media Group) LLC. Ken is Vice President of Sales for Reel Film Cinema and Executive Director of Acquisitions at Reel Film Distribution. Ken is also Executive Producer, Producer and Head Composer for Continuum Motion Pictures and Producer and Head Composer for Velero Films. Mr. Hampton is both Composer and Music Supervisor for NANDAR Entertainment.

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David 'Swing' Edwards


Swing has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. He started out in entertainment as a rapper and solidified his career early on by doing professional songwriting and publishing for the TV series, Equal Justice, in which he wrote and performed the song “You Know You Love Club”.


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